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Shipping Policy

All customers are required to pay for shipping and handling on products at checkout. Pomegranate Moon exclusively ships UPS ground unless customer requests and pays for expedited shipping. Shipping fees include the cost of insuring an item through UPS and the cost of standard UPS ground shipping. An additional handling fee will be charged to any orders shipping to a P.O. box or an address outside of the UPS address database.

Return Policy

All returns and exchanges must be negotiated within 7 days of receipt of an item. All returns and exchanges will be given fair review by our sales team on a case-by-case basis. A return will not be accepted if three returns have been made by a customer within the last 90 days on different products, or if one return has been processed within 30 days on the same product, unless due to some failure on the part of our sales team as determined by Pomegranate Moon. Contact our warehouse directly and speak to a sales associate prior to returning an item to receive a full refund or an exchange. Pomegranate Moon does not pay return shipping on non-damaged items. Returns may take up to 75 days to process depending on season and product availability. Returns and exchanges require full contact, shipping, and credit card information prior to any action on the part of Pomegranate Moon. 


Commonly Asked Questions

1. Why is my scarf not exactly like the one pictured?


Many of Pomegranate Moon's sari scarves are 100% one-of-a-kind. Not happy with the one you got? Call us up and let us help you find the one you're looking for. 

2. How can I come look at your merchandise in person?

Pomegranate Moon tours the U.S. at different retail and wholesale shows all through the late summer, fall, and holidays. At the bottom of every page we include a summary of where and when we'll be during the on season, and for interested customers are more than happy to e-mail a more detailed version of our schedule.

3. Pearl the warehouse westie dog is so cute!

Yes, we know.

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